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By now you've probably heard how things went down...

I make no claims of innocence, but I think the anyone who knows the whole story will understand why I did what I did.

Looking back.... It's the only way this all could have played out. starting at the very beginning

Father's Day- the only reason I started this blog...

Sprouts- family doesn't care.

HELP wanted!

Heart to Heart with Dad about family hating the garden

Dad's Writing his Will and I can't cope

Caught a Possum at just the right time

Stuff I see in the Neighborhood at Night

My Shithead brother insulted the garden and wouldn't eat our carrots...

Dad has used animal remains for fertilizer! Awesome!

I got blocked!!! Their loss.

I can't not look... Dad's will in progress.

CONFESSION!! My family has no idea...

Trump isn't the patriot his supporters think he is...

Proof I'm Real (and the Haters are fake)

I chickened out, and now the will is signed

A Eulogy for the tomatoes

Watermelons let me down...

Need an outlet

Another Night Walk

Found in the Woods

The folks over at reddit can eat a dick!!!!

Some of the folks over at reddit no longer need to eat a dick... an update

My brother betrayed me... Unfortunately for these baby opossum's I'm in a mood.

Dad's in the hospital. God better listen. 

FUCK THIS-WHY??? Dad was the only person who gave a fuck and he's gone. 

Fuck the lawyer

People think this is a joke?? Burying my dad while the world fuckign laughs. 

I'm pretty lost rn.. How the hell do I do this without dad's help?

Joe can seriously go to hell. Fuck him. I wrote this chapter to get out some of my anger. He deserves to die. 

Garden updates. The only peace I have. 

Super hot lately. But that's kinda nice, because people leave their windows open.

Joe is so stupid lol. I tricked him with some snails. Fucking dumb idiot. 

Tomatoes are coming along!!!

Stuff keeps reminding me of dad's passing. Had to walk to let off some steam. 

Joe- oooohhh I'm still so FUCKING mad. When this shit went down I got stupid drunk. Now that I'm sober I just wanna crush his fuckign eyeballs. 

OFFFFF fucking course mom sides with HIM!!!

Finally finished my story- but I can't enjoy it or anything. Joe needs to pay for fucking up dad's garden. He and mom don't fuckign understand- but I'll make it better.