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By now you've probably heard how things went down...

After Dad died, things went from bad to worse with my brother, and mom sided with him and one thing led to another.

It all feels surreal. But I'm happy about it now. I know I did the right thing in the end.

And I think the anyone who knows the whole story will understand why I did what I did.

Looking back.... It's the only way this all could have played out. I read through my old posts to see if I was to blame- to see if I should feel guilty.

And no. It's on them. Joe and Mom dug they're own graves and all but demanded I put them in.
starting at the very beginning, so others can see I'm not in the wrong here.

I can't take all the credit for what happened to them. Mostly, that's on their own consequences.

Father's Day- the only reason I started this blog...

Sprouts- family never cared...

HELP wanted. None received.

Had a Heart to Heart with Dad about family hating the garden

When Dad was Writing his Will I couldn't cope

Caught a Possum at just the right time

Stuff I saw on night walks

My Shithead brother insulted the garden and wouldn't eat our carrots...

Dad has used animal remains for fertilizer! Awesome!

I couldn't not look... Dad's will in progress.

CONFESSION!! My family had no idea...

Proof I'm Real (and the Haters are fake)

I chickened out, and the will was signed

A Eulogy for the tomatoes

Watermelons let me down...

Another Night Walk

Reddit is so toxic!!!!

Some of the folks over at reddit no longer need to eat a dick... an update

My brother betrayed me... Unfortunately for these baby opossum's that put me in a mood.

When dad was in the hospital. God did not listen

FUCK THIS-more than anything... Dad was the only person who gave a fuck and he's gone. 

Fuck lawyers

People think this is a joke?? Had to bury my dad while the world fuckign laughed. 

I was lost.

I seriously hope Joe went to hell.. I wrote this chapter to get out some of my anger. He deserved to die. 

Garden updates. The only peace I had.

Night walks are better when it's hotter.

Joe was so stupid lol. I tricked him with some snails. Fucking dumb idiot. 

Tomatoes were coming along- In retrospect this pisses me off all the more.

Stuff kept reminding me of dad's passing. Had to walk to let off some steam. 

Joe- oooho that little fucker. This was his death sentence. When this shit went down I got stupid drunk. Now that I'm sober I just wish he was alive again so I could crush his fucking eyeballs.. 

OFFFFF fucking course mom sided with HIM. She deserved what she got.!!!

When I had finally figured it all out. Joe and Mom, I did what I had to do.